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Lexical Leavings

by Tom Gally

An acquaintance has informed me about an interesting computerized dictionary project. It collates pairs of Japanese and English words that appear in the lists of keywords that accompany many academic papers written by Japanese scholars. It includes many mistakes, of course, but it may also include recent and specialized terms that haven't been noted elsewhere.

The dictionary, called the wppΖ/ތꌟIC, is located here. The following is the result of a search for "dictionaries":
a dq (3.4) p Electronic Dictionaries (0.2)dq (11.8)
Electronic dictionary (11), Computerized dictionary (1.4), electric dictionary (1), electrical dictionary (0.8)

a Ζ󎫏 (1.8) p Bilingual Dictionaries (0.2)Bilingual Dictionary (2)

a @B (1.8) p electric dictionaries (0.2)Machine Dictionary (1.6)

a I (0.6) p Dynamic dictionaries (0.2)

a f[^x[X (0.6) p Dictionaries database (0.2)

a U^ (0.4) p distribated dictionaries (0.2)

a (0.2) p Multiple dictionaries (0.2)

a ꎫƓe (0.2) p verbatim and semantic dictionaries (0.2)

a Î (0.2) p Annotations in Ancient Dictionaries (0.2)

a dqǗ (0.2) p Managing Electronic Dictionaries(0.2)

a z (0.2) p virtualizd electric dictionaries (0.2)

a ubNꂽ (0.2) p divided dictionaries (0.2)

a eLXgԂ̗ގx (0.2) p Sondarity between Text Dictionaries (0.2)

a b (0.2) p Chinese-Japanese dictionaries (TOWA-ZISYO****) (0.2)
(June 7, 2003)